Is the Number Game Worth it? When Quality Trumps Quantity

My good friend, Ryan Biddulph, prompted this post when I read his “Why Blogger Follower Threads Are a Bad Idea” post earlier today. It made me think back to when I first started blogging and jumped feet first into Social Media.

Is the Number Game Worth it? When Quality Trumps Quantity

Bloggers and Social Media Influencers are no stranger to this game unless you are new to it. The pressure to grow your Followers hits you instantly.

I can’t have 0 followers.

I need thousands!

Not just hundreds, ya see.


This happens with blog followers and subscribers as well, but we’ll save that discussion for another time.

Once you find your first few blogging groups on Facebook, the fever hits you!

Facebook page follows.

Twitter followers.

Instagram and Pinterest!

You follow me and I’ll follow you!

Before you know it, your numbers of grown!

You quickly hit double digits and flatline for a bit.

I must gain more followers!

You search out more groups that offer a follow for a follow.

Holy spankies!

You’re in the triple digits!

However, one thing has started to bother you.

Although your numbers are higher, you still lack engagement.

Interacting with your followers on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis just does not seem to be there.

Mind you, the algorithms change just as quickly on most of these social media sites, but you should still be reaching a few handfuls of people.

Here Lies The Problem

You may have Quantity but you certainly don’t have Quality.

You have followers that followed or liked your social media accounts simply because you followed or liked theirs.

In the honest world, these folks weren’t interested in a word you had to say about your business or blog.

It was tit for tat.

You know what I mean.

You may have a couple that might Ooh and Ahh over your shares but out of that thousand, you’re losing out.

Quality over Quantity

It’s hard to understand this concept when so many of the Pro Bloggers and Big Dawgs are pushing that we must have high numbers!

Grow your Facebook Page!

Grow your Twitter followers!

You can even pay to do this! Buy Followers!

But you’re still in the same boat.

No Engagement!

What’s a Girl/Dude Supposed to do?

Here are a few ways to help get you out of the number game and into some true engagement!

1.  Write Quality Content

Don’t throw a blog post together. Research. Back up your sources.

Status updates should be friendly, inviting, and with images. Images that attract!

Don’t use click-bait!

2.  Use Engaging Images

Pinit Is the Number Game Worth it When Quality Trumps Quantity

Don’t use any old stock photo.

Be creative.

Use vibrant colors and images that invoke laughter, curiosity, and awe.

3.  Use Videos

People love to laugh. Add humor to your blog posts or status updates with a video or a gif!

There are many out there on the web. Just look around. You’ll find them.

Word of caution:  Be sure you have the rights to use it on your blog or social media pages.

4. Engage

You can’t publish a blog post and assume people will flock to comment. You need to ask questions of your audience in your blog posts.

Comment on other blogger’s blog posts!

In publishing status updates on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and others, ask something of your followers.

Even on Instagram, you can solicit engagement from your followers!

But don’t stop there.

Once you get people engaging/interacting with you and/or your status update, communicate with them.

Don’t Leave Them Hanging!

Even if it’s a simple “Hey Jo! Thanks for the like! I’m glad it sparked your interest!”

It won’t 100% of the time get a response back but at least you began a level of communication with your audience.

It’s really not that hard, ya see.

There are people on social media that have the gift of gab. Once their curiosity has been plucked, they are more apt to engage with you.

Do a follow-up the next day.

Keep a list of those engagers and give them a shout-out the following day.

Thank them.

Say Good Morning or Good Evening.

Ask how their day is going.

So screw the number game.

Go after what you really want.

And in case you totally didn’t get what I was stressing in this post, That’s Quality!

Now, what are you going to do today that is different from what you have been doing in order to obtain Quality Followers?

18 thoughts on “Is the Number Game Worth it? When Quality Trumps Quantity

  1. Hey. Bren.

    You just mentioned one of the important metrics in digital marketing. Yes the activity on social platforms will help a business in terms of social signals to back SEO. But with search engines like Google being a smart system, its vapid to concentrate on vanity metrics like likes on a social post.

    Even now I do care about the no: of followers I have on social platforms. But I always try to be cognisant on narrowing down to people who are most like to read what I share on my social channels.

    Even though the numbers matters to an extend buying followers are not an idea practice.

  2. Hi Bren,

    I always focus on quality, after all, if you’re going to write a blog post, you don’t want to publish just any old post.

    When I started my blog, I’ll be the first that I wasn’t focused on quality. While I didn’t publish just anything, I never took the time to add everything to the post.

    Since January this year, I’ve changed the way that I write blog posts. I always make sure that I add everything that the reader would need to know about that particular topic.

    This has led me to write more long-form content. But the results that I am starting to see are amazing.

    While it’s a lot more work to write quality blog posts. I can definitely say that it’s worth it and you’ll notice the difference in the long run.

    Thanks for taking the time to share these tips with us.

    Have a great day 🙂

    1. Hi Susan,

      Oh my gosh, you took me back to my first blogging days. I published just to publish! Although I was dog blogging back then and pictures spoke louder than any words could do. 🙂

      I totally understand what you’re saying. The more we put into our content, the better the quality, the more our readers, and potentials will relate. I know our readers appreciate the time we spend on writing our content because they know how tedious it can be.

      Putting in that little extra effort, even in a comment, can make a world of difference.

      So happy to see you here! I continue reading your content, Susan. You’re nailing it!


  3. Great post, Bren. I especially agree with the quality of posts. Without adding some value for your reader, then why bother? Sometimes we just want to have a laugh or entertain so I guess not every post has to add ‘value’ but still…

    Also, buying followers isn’t beneficial. I think ppl are learning that the numbers aren’t telling the whole story. I know as a writer, that I hear agents and publishers want to see high numbers but I think that emphasis is going by the wayside.

    Nice reminders and tips here, Bren. I need to get better at adding images that are attractive and fun. You’re an inspiration for that, my frined.

    1. Hey Lisa!

      You know, I read many entertaining posts and I do find them valuable and “quality” content. If it can make me laugh, I appreciate it. I’m sure not everyone feels the same because we are so much into promoting this or that or sharing social media content that has been played over and over by many bloggers, but a good heartfelt post (like what you do) is definitely high quality.

      If you’re looking for sponsors, I know they love those numbers. However, out of 8700 Twitter followers, how many actually see your Tweets? Works the same on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. The numbers may be there but interaction is not.

      Thanks, my friend! Have a great week ahead!


  4. Interesting post Bren,

    Honestly, a lot of people often confuse quality with quantity. Having a massive number of followers does not really count except they’re truly engaging with your content. It’s always better to have 100 people that truly cares and likes what you’re doing, than having 1000 followers that barely visits your blog.

    For me, I’m now focusing more on quantity. Quantity is a vanity metric.

    Thanks fro sharing.

    1. Hi Anil,

      You’re exactly right and thank you for sharing that. I have over 8500 Twitter followers. Do you know how many I actually engage with? Not even a 1/8th of them. So very sad. Back in the day, I fell into the numbers game. I wish now that I had not gone so follower happy and kept my numbers lower.

      Thanks for adding to the conversation!


  5. Hey Bren,
    With more than 2000+ followers on Twitter, I can only tell you this: It’s not even about quality or quantity; it’s just about them being there and you doing your thing. Your blogs will be shared a bit, people check you out a bit, and they might even have a little chat with you. Maybe, just maybe, someone might drop in and make a purchase.

    But that’s all there is to social. Keep chatting, keep sharing, chat here, and chat there. That’s about it.

    Social is good that way, and I guess we should keep it that way.

    But about the quality of blog posts? I agree. Quality beats quantity any day (that’s why I don’t post more than 3 times per week, although I could).


    1. Hi Ash,

      I appreciated you adding to the conversation. What you said makes a lot of sense to me. I remember years ago when I started on Twitter, I chatted everyone up. It wasn’t even about sharing blog posts or promoting my services (although I didn’t have any back then). 🙂 But it was about making friendships and getting to know people.

      Nowadays, Twitter is link happy. If you look at someone’s Twitter feed, the majority is link sharing and not chatting with people. I’ve been guilty at times simply because life gets busy. However, making those connections is key and Twitter is a fab place to do it.

      Quality tweets and content will win every time.

      Have a blessed week ahead!


      1. Hey Bren,

        To be honest, my Twitter feed is blessed with mostly links too 🙂 That’s because I spend way less time out there now. Most of my updates are automated and so my actual interactions are fewer now compared to then.

        But even then, I take time out to say hello, to chat often, participate in official chats (like Bufferchat) and others.

        I can certainly attest to quality content. My entire life’s been spent writing content for others (and now for myself too). I knew long ago that’s only quality that trumps everything else.

        You have an awesome week ahead too, Bren 🙂


  6. Hi Bren, oh yes I here you! Why have all this content if no one will interact with you right? It would be like you are blogging for yourself and not an audience. I think engagement scores are now the “king” of measurements over follower counts.
    There are all kinds of fancy ways to have it measured too.
    But I think we get tired of being measured by it all – day after day. We just want to engage and help others out along the way.
    The one that makes me laugh is Instagram, people follow and un-follow there faster than on any other network. I don’t get it!
    Great topic Bren, Happy Thursday. It’s almost FRIDAY!

    1. Hey Lisa!
      It’s interesting to hear you say “engagement” is the “king” of measurements. Where is everyone finding all this time to engage and comment? I’m seriously doing something wrong. 🙂
      It can all be an exhausting game for sure.
      I love what you said about Instagram. I get it for sure! I’m actually guilty. What may start out as a great “Insti” to follow can quickly turn me off by rants of politics, race, and religion. Time and place I believe. But the Instagram world makes it so easy for us to Follow and Unfollow to, right?
      Thank you for sharing with my readers and adding to the conversation, Lisa. I know your time is precious and I value your input.
      Friday is almost here!

  7. Hi Bren,
    You did pretty well putting these tips together. I like the concept of creating high-quality content than bringing in quantity. Quantity wouldn’t solve your readers problems, quality content will add value to their lives.

    Videos are remarkably the most engaging content type, because study shows that videos will account for 80℅ of all traffic by 2019. However, other content types that are fascinating and attract visitors are podcast and Infographic.

    Engagement is also great. Just as Donna points out, we have to take the initiative and reach out to others by visiting ty their blog or website and leave meaningful comments, that way they may return the favor and build meaningful relationships.

    For example, I got a notification that you like my post, so I’m here. Interacting with other bloggers is a remarkable way to build bonds.

    Thanks for sharing Bren and enjoy the day!

    1. Hi Moss! Great to see you here!
      I’m really surprised by those video stats! Amazing! Like you have said, Quality content is huge. My only issue with that is, what is Quality for one, may not be for the other. 🙂 How do we really know what is good content that others want to read?
      Engagement is huge too. I have slacked lately at commenting on blogs. My schedule just hasn’t allowed it and I see I am suffering for that. Sharing and promoting our content is one thing. Commenting and having others want to engage with us because they liked our comment is huge props, right?
      I’m so happy that you decided to pop over, Moss. It means a lot to me that you share your wisdom with me and my audience. Thank you!

  8. Hi Bren,
    I never liked quantity over quality even when the guru’s were shouting it on top of the roof tops. How can I ever engage with a bazillion people that probably are off the internet already or worse, don’t want to hear from me.
    This is why I clean up my lists from opt-in emails to social media from time to time. I want to be able to communicate with folks. I don’t expect everyone to flock to my blog. I do have some “readers” that follow me but don’t comment. (I know because they message me lol)
    We have to take the first step and comment on other people from their blogs to things on social media that we connect with.

    1. Hi Donna,
      You are probably one of the few that never got caught up in the hoopla, girl! I admire that you stayed away from it and prefer one-on-one networking time with your audience and followers. I would love to know, do you ever go through your Twitter or Facebook page followers and remove inactive ones and/or those you’ve never communicated with? If it’s better to have Quality over Quantity, isn’t that something we all should do?
      I appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to comment, my friend. Muwah!

  9. You said it here Bren!

    I used to stress over the number of followers I have but now I just focus on the content I’m sharing and engaging.

    I love the tips you shared. I still can’t get around to doing video. I get frustrated with myself because I know I should be out there. It’s like I need a freakin’ shrink to find out why I’m so damn scared. 🙂

    Other than that, I pretty much do what you suggested here.

    Great post Bren!

    Have a great night gf.


    1. Hey Cori,
      I figured you would be one like me since we started around the same time. Isn’t it crazy how we got so caught up in those Facebook groups with the Follow-for-follow? Ugh!
      I’m like you with the video’s. Actually, I’m not a huge fan of them because I don’t get to watch/listen to them often. I’m on the go or on the job and it’s just not feasible to listen. I get more time reading on the go. I’m sure someday, maybe, the vlog will hit you but until then, I don’t think you have anything to worry about. You’re slayin’ it, girl! Keep it up!

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