Knowing When It’s Time To Outsource Your Tasks To a Virtual Assistant

I get it.  You’re so busy maintaining your blog, writing content, promoting, creating images, and commenting on other blogs that you just don’t have enough time in the day, let alone the week, to accomplish all your tasks.

Maybe it’s time you thought about outsourcing some of those tasks and ease your workload!

Trust me. Your sanity should come first. Don’t overwhelm yourself.

Get Help!

Knowing When It’s Time To Outsource Your Tasks To a Virtual Assistant

In today’s online business world, there are so many things that need to be taken care on a daily basis. Chances are if you’re tending to these tasks by yourself, you just can’t possibly get them done in a day’s work.

If you’re “one of those” who are able to accomplish their daily tasks every day, let me ask you this “How many hours in a day are you spending on your blog/website in order to achieve the satisfaction of completion?”

With the amount of time you’re spending on your blog/website, do you have time for friends, family, and even yourself?

Time Out

This is one of the biggest problems today.

We are so busy in the online ventures that we tend to let other priorities slide. Ask yourself this?

  • When was the last time you took your dog for a walk?
  • When was the last time you went to your son’s baseball game?
  • Had an intimate dinner for two with your partner?
  • Kicked back in a candlelight bubble bath for one….YOU!

I betcha it’s been quite some time or if you did manage any of these, you spent time worrying about how you were going to finish writing that last blog post, hitting Publish, and pushing out to all your social media networks.

Let’s cut the crap.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

For maybe pennies a minute, you could get help!

Maybe It’s Time You Thought About Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Despite what you may think, not all of us are expensive.

There are Virtual Assistants who truly just want to help and will not charge you an arm and a leg.

Mind you, sometimes for Quality you need to pay more.

But for all intents and purposes, let’s look at what you could get for less than $50/month.

Hire a Blog Manager

A Blog Manager could be many things. This is generally a Virtual Assistant who is contracted monthly to perform some number of tasks for you.

For instance, I offer a monthly Blog Management/Maintenance package. However, due to its popularity and numerous different tasks being asked of me, I know offer a Customized Monthly Package.

This is a package that you create.

I’m sure, like most of us, we all have varying blogging skills. If you’re using WordPress, you may be far more advanced than another.

Some don’t understand what “updating a plugin” means or why it should even be done.

What happens when that plugin is updated and your blog goes all wonky?

Others know how to do certain tasks but just don’t want to be bothered.

The biggest one I see is moderating blog comments.

None of us want Spam on our blogs so we moderate our comments.

But if you have a high volume of commenters on your blog, you could spend hours just weeding through the comment section.

Other tasks you could have done are:

  • general backend maintenance
  • plugin updates
  • theme updates
  • minor theme alterations
  • research blog downtime
  • content writing
  • content proofreading
  • branded image creation
  • newsletter creation
  • social media promotion
  • etc.

There are so many tasks that could fall under Blog Management!

Pinit Knowing When Its Time To Outsource Your Tasks To a Virtual Assistant

Think about some of the issues you had on your blog and you wish that you had someone to consult with?

Under this monthly package, you could have someone pretty much at your beck and call (within reason, I’m sure).

A Blog Manager could even keep up with the latest trends for you. Perform research on new web hosts or better web host solutions that would give you a bigger bang for your buck!

Wouldn’t it be awesome to know that someone out there is looking out for your blog while you are spending more time focusing on your business products and services?

Don’t think you can’t afford one.

A Virtual Assistant that is.

There is one out there for every blogger.

She/he is just waiting for you to contact them and can’t wait to hear how they can help make your life easier!

Don’t delay!

Reach out to a Virtual Assistant today!

Contact Us today and see if we can Customize a Plan to meet your needs!

Now, what is it you would most love to have help with and Why haven’t we discussed it yet?

14 thoughts on “Knowing When It’s Time To Outsource Your Tasks To a Virtual Assistant

  1. Hi Bren,
    This is indeed a very wonderful post, and I totally agree with all the points you made. The truth is that as an online entrepreneur, hiring a virtual assistant is non negotiable. Except you are a super human, you cannot effectively handle all the various tasks required to grow a successful online business alone.
    And from my own experience, one of the major differences between successful and unsuccessful online marketers is being able outsource some of those demanding tasks. You might think you can do it all alone, but that will only give you the opportunity to mess things up while also wasting your time.
    But if you delegate one or two of those tasks to a competent virtual assistant, you’ll be able to channel your time on those other core areas of your business, especially those areas you are most knowledgeable on.
    Outsourcing is something I didn’t start practicing early enough when I started, and if I’m starting all over again, I’ll definitely start outsourcing some of those most tedious tasks from day one.
    Finally, I will also advice anyone who truly want to create a remarkable online business to learn the act of outsourcing as soon as possible.
    Thanks for sharing Bren.

    1. Hi Anil,

      Thank you for adding to our conversation. You are absolutely right! There are many, like myself, who think we can do it all by ourselves. Honestly, and you know this, we can’t. Something is going to slip or not get completed. However, depending on our financial status, we may not have the resources to hire a VA yet. Until we can find those monies, we need to find a way to manage or at least prioritize our tasks, no?

      Thank you again for sharing with us. I hope you are enjoying your week!


  2. Hey there Bren,

    Virtual Assistans are one of the most important things that every online business should take into consideration.

    They are usually cheaper than hiring in-house workers.

    I would suggest to any business person that is actually getting traction at the moment for his services, to hire VAs as fast as he can, in order for him to deal with important things, like clients.

    You seem to be very experienced VA with services you mentioned, if one of my friends would need one, I’ll make sure to recommend you.



    1. Hi Meloss.

      You are so kind and wise with your words. Yes, indeed, a VA is a must have for any busy blogger and/or entrepreneur. Finding the right VA is probably the hardest part.

      Just think of how much time you could free up to take care of more important tasks?

      I appreciate you taking the time to comment. Have a great day!


  3. Hey B!

    You make a great point! There are so many responsibilities that comes with running a blog and an online business. To have a VA to help out takes so much pressure off of us and that makes us more productive. And just because a VA is affordable doesn’t mean there won’t be quality work.

    My sister-in-law has been helping me with VA work and it’s helped so much!

    Thank God for VAs like you who aren’t in it for the money but to help other bloggers.

    Great post B!


    1. Hi Cori,

      So happy to hear you have a VA helping you out! I’m sure that makes things much more manageable for you, especially when it’s Mom Duty time. 🙂

      I go back and forth on the price thing. I know my lower prices anger some that are charge double or triple me but that is their breadwinner. But like you said, just because our prices are “affordable”, even though I’ve had client’s tell me mine aren’t, doesn’t mean our quality is any less than those charging double.

      It’s always great to see you here, girl. I know you have great things going on now and I’m so happy for you! Keep up the good work!


  4. Hi Bren,

    For all your experience and all you do your price is so affordable. When we consider all that goes into blogging alone, it is a lot. Not to mention our daily routines like cooking for ourselves, spending time with our fur babies and even taking time out for ourselves.
    I’m lucky to have David (hubby) that does my technical work for me, otherwise that would have to be outsourced. Once my launch is done, I am thinking of getting a VA for Twitter. (I know you are great at that one!) So my friend you have been on my mind and will stay there until I get over this haul.


    1. Hi Donna,

      I appreciate you valuing my skills. Money is good as we know but as I’ve been saying all along, I’m in this just to help, thus I can keep my prices low.

      You’re so right about blogging and our online worlds. There is so much time and effort that we put into it that sometimes we neglect what’s really important. Our families and furkids.

      Thank goodness for David! The techy side can be a monster. I keep my skills at a minimum for that. Lord knows I don’t want to get too far in over my head. 🙂 Oh indeed, like Lisa Sicard, I love my Twitter. I need to spend more time there though especially with all the rule changes. Scary that we can be penalized for sharing the same tweet on multiple accounts. Just don’t get it….. smh Anyway, always happy to help out!

      Thanks for taking the time to comment and share, Donna. You’re a Rockstar in my book! 😉


  5. Hi Bren, oh yes. There are so many tasks associated today with blogging and content marketing that one has to outsource something. I used to spend hours working on the technical stuff but no more. I would rather generate content or re-purpose it before doing the technical stuff that would take me 8 hours and someone else 30 minutes.
    My time looking for images is a time sucker and social media can be as well. I have to set a timer on those networks or I could get lost there for hours.
    $50 is very reasonable Bren!

    1. Hi Lisa,

      I know you have a techy guru working with you, and a very reputable one at that. He has to ease your mind on all the backend and tedious tasks. Having someone to help with the promotion and social media is a huge plus. Someday, I’d love to have one. I understand with the images. Actually, that’s one of my fav things when I’m writing content. The hard part for me for images is finding exactly what the client wants. Everyone is so different in their needs.

      Hope you’re not snowed in up there. It’s raining here today and the snowmageddon is coming later this evening. Bleh!

      Have a great day!


  6. Hi Bren,
    There are interestingly an abundance of reasons why one needs to outsource some task to a VA. And there are more than enough task one can assign to a VA. Assigning task to a VA will afford you the opportunity to focus on the more important things and do more for yourself.

    Thank you Bren!

    1. Hi Moss,

      You’re so right! The number and types of tasks are so numerous and varied. I always tell people “Just ask”. The VA might not have it listed as a service, however, some are more than happy to accommodate the client.

      I hope one is in your near future, my friend if you don’t already have one. I know how busy you are!


  7. Hey Bren,
    The list of things we do daily is every expanding and we cannot avoid hiring an assistant if we want to be productive. Getting someone to do some of these things gives us more time to focus on some and get more profit all round.

    I didn’t know of your services Bren. Just $50 a month makes it interesting. I think people should give this a serious consideration given your expertise in the domain.

    Good luck my dear friend

    1. Hi Enstine! It’s great to see you here!

      You got that right. The busier we get, the more we need an assistant. Heck, even I need one! 🙂

      I know many who do Blog Management in different forms and most start at around $50/month. However, that services that are included vary, that is why I like to be able to customize a plan to meet the client’s needs.

      Hope you are enjoying your week!


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