When Was the Last Time You Cleaned Your RSS Reader?

When bloggers start out, they are seeking a world of knowledge and other bloggers to network with. Before you know it, you’ve added at least 50 blogs to your favorite RSS Reader! But how often do you check to see if those blogs are still valid?

When was the last time you cleaned your RSS Reader?

It hit me today as I was looking at two (2) of my favorite readers.

As I was trying to make sure I had the same blogs on Bloglovin’ as I do on my Old Reader.

Why do I use two?

Because I hate to not be able to access my reader, as happened a few days ago when Bloglovin’ went down.

When I want to access my favorite blogs, I want it now! 😉

How often do you check your RSS reader?

I am a huge Chrome user so I have extensions for Bloglovin’ and the Old Reader. It pops up a little number telling me I have 125 blogs to read. If I don’t get to it that day, it may double by the next time I open Chrome.


But for me, using a reader is so much better than subscribing via email.

Y’all may use this form and power to you!

I prefer to keep my email inbox as tidy as possible. Having 125 email notifications of new blogs posts is going to drive me insane!

And to think, a few of the blogs I follow, post more than once per day!

Holy Hannah y’all! Gift of Gab much?

Other options

If you prefer not to use an RSS reader to help you keep track of your fav blogs, are you using email subscriptions? Newsletters? What about Push Notifications? Lisa Sicard, of Inspire to Thrive,  wrote a blog post not too long ago about Push Notifications and I jumped right on it! If you look down in the bottom right-hand corner of the page, you can be notified via a web browser when new content is published! This is a super easy way to subscribe.

However, be forewarned! If you don’t like pop-ups, be very careful how many you subscribe to in this fashion.

So my fav and less clutter way of keeping up with my blogs are via RSS feed or my readers.

The Old Reader

I was introduced to The Old Reader way back when Google’s reader faded away. I remember what a traumatic time that was for so many bloggers. We scrambled to find new ways to follow our blogging buddies! The Old Reader was one that resembled Google’s in so many ways that I just kept it.

Let’s take a peek!

1 The Old ReaderOf course, I’ve already cleaned it out minus one at the time I took this snapshot but you can see in the left-hand sidebar how it is set up.

Cleaning out your reader is very simple!

Highlight the blog, Click Unsubscribe!

You’re done!

But if you’re like me and you love all the features of Bloglovin, let’s check it out!

Bloglovin is easy to keep current with your favs!

2 Bloglovin_

If you look on the right-hand sidebar, you can see where I have my blogs grouped by niches and other pertinent goodies!

But how do you Unsubscribe? How do you keep your reader clean?

It’s very simple!

I decided to do this today and found many that I was following either are no longer valid blogs or have broken feeds.

To edit the blogs you follow or to Unsubscribe, Click the “Edit things you Follow” in the right-hand sidebar, directly under your name.

You will see something similar to the below.


3 Bloglovin_

To unfollow or unsubscribe, simply Click the Following button and you’re done!

That not only cleans up the blogs that are no longer valid but ones that you are no longer interested in.

As simple as it is to do, you could do it as the time changes! Or, at least quarterly.

Blogs are coming and going at a rapid pace so don’t get overwhelmed with your Reader!

Pinit When was the last time you cleaned your RSS Reader

There are other ways of following a blog but these are the most popular ones I know of.

So, let’s see how many of you clean house like you should?

When was the last time you cleaned your RSS Reader, Push Notifications, or Emails Subscriptions?

Is this something you religiously do?

We’d love to hear from you!


20 thoughts on “When Was the Last Time You Cleaned Your RSS Reader?

  1. I actually use a standalone program that’s called Feedreader. I check it at least once a month, and every once in a while I’ll delete a feed that seems to have gone dormant. Since I’m always adding some new feeds, these days I’m checking out around 150… which is down from the almost 300 I used to have.

    1. Hey Mitch,

      I’ve never heard of Feed reader but be you mentioned it, I’ll give it a look. I can’t believe you are following that many blogs! Where do you ever find the time.

      I appreciate your comment. My apologies for my delay.

  2. Hi Bran,

    I found your blog through InspiretoThrive and I am glad that I did that. I use Feedly as my primary RSS aggregator but I don’t remember when I have cleaned it up last time. I think I might have never done it.

    Usually, if the blog is dead, there are no more updates. So, it doesn’t show up in the unread article lists. I usually run through unread posts or saved posts (which I want to revisit).

    But you are right, it doesn’t harm to take a look once in a while and clean up the feed to make sure all the subscribed blogs are active. Thanks for reminding about it.


    1. Hi Sanjeev,

      Feedly is a pretty good aggregator. I used it right after the demise of my Google reader. But, knowing me, I like trying new ones and Feedly got pushed to the wayside. I’m glad to hear you are diligent at going through your reader and weeding out content and/or blogs.

      I appreciate you taking the time to add to our convo. Thank you, as well, for hopping over from Inspire to Thrive. 🙂


  3. Hey Bren,
    This is indeed an awesome wake up call for bloggers. To be honest, I can’t possibly remember the last time I cleaned my RSS readers, I think it’s over 6 months ago.
    Being aware of the fact that a lot of blogs goes off the internet on a daily basis, there is indeed a great need for us to be constantly cleaning our RSS readers to ensure that we’re only subscribed to active blogs, and not ones that are no longer available.
    Imagine that I just checked my readers now and saw that about 4 of the blogs I’m subscribed to are not opening at all.
    I’m currently using the popular RSS Feed Reader Chrome extension and am I loving it? Oh yes, it’s actually of the best RSS readers I’ve used so far, and I’ll continue using it until I find a better alternative (If I will though).
    Thanks for reminding me to check out my RSS reader Bren.

    1. Hi Anil!

      6 months isn’t all that bad when you consider that some bloggers have never done it. It’s interesting to see that you did indeed have some blogs that fell into the internet void. I haven’t heard of RSS Feed Reader but I’m going to take a peek. I love having more options at my fingertips.

      Thanks for sharing with us, Anil!


  4. Hey Bren,

    Every since Twitter announced their updates, I’ve stopped using Triberr, so I’ve been looking for a new home to share posts. Then I come to read your latest blog post and see it’s about RSS feeds – perfect timing! 🙂

    Hootsuite has RSS feeds but Twitter isn’t supported anymore either and now I’m wondering if other social sharing tools will be affected as well.

    I did like Buffer’s feed and I still have a Bloglovin’ account but I think I’m going to go with Old Reader. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this gf!

    1. Hey Cori,

      You quit Triberr because of that? Were you posting your own posts often from there? My understanding was it only affected those who had multiple Twitter accounts and were posting the same content. I still love using Triberr as it keeps my content flowing from different tweeps.

      Old Reader is pretty good. I also have used Inoreader, as well. My fav is still by far Bloglovin. I just can’t get over the laid back format and is so user-friendly and easy on my eyes. I also like that little “Like” and “Save” option on there.

      Hope you find one that keeps you happy and up-to-date! Have a great week ahead and oh, a belated Happy Birthday to Noah!


      1. Turns out I didn’t delete it. After I left this comment I had a chance to read more about it and you’re right. I guess I was in panic mode after all the Twitter changes. 🙂

        I finally set up my syndication app in Hootsuite and I’m trying out Statusbrew that also has an RSS feed. Hopefully I’ll settle on something and move on. 🙂

        Thanks girl! I’m still recovering from the birthday party. 🙂


      2. Hey girl! Statusbrew? That’s a new name. Be interested in hearing more about that one. Got a post lined up in the near future? 😉

  5. Hi Bren,
    You, shared a great piece of information here. It helped me a lot to get back my old readers as I just implemented RSS when I launched the site having not more information about that after a while I implemented push notifications and a lead form and deleted RSS feed option from my blog which led a substantial decline traffic I was figuring out what could be wrong and I found your article after a week I can say traffic is increasing day by day
    Darleen Prangue

    1. Hi Darlene! I’m glad my article helped you!

      I do love the push notifications option. However, if you don’t like popups in your browser, I found that to be a bit of a bugger. There are only a select few I follow that way. The rest are all by a reader, as I’m not a fan of email subscriptions.

      I appreciate you taking the time to comment and good luck!

  6. Hi Bren,

    Being totally honest here, I’ve never cleaned up my RSS reader. I didn’t even know that was possible. I am going to have to make some time to take care of that task.

    It seems like there’s always something that we need to do. It’s crazy.

    Oh, as I’ve been wanting to join and use Bloglovin but had no clue how to really use it. I learned something about the platform just by taking the time to read your post.

    Thanks for taking the time to share these tips with us.

    Have a great day 🙂


    1. Hi Susan! Oh no, girl! I would love to see how many blogs you were following area (1) no longer publishing content, and (2) have changed up their schedules to lesser publishings a month.

      You’re right. There is always something to do when we are active bloggers and networking with others. I have used Bloglovin’ for years. It has more features than it did in the past which keeps me there. Plus I love the mobile app which is highly user-friendly. If you get a chance, I would definitely give it a look see.

      Sorry for my delayed response. Have a great week ahead!

  7. Hi Bren,

    Excellent. I did just this about 3 weeks ago. Big time flush. Now I follow 2-3 blogs via my Feedly and simply visit those bloggers who comment on my blogs. Bond with good friends, make new friends and follow a few top blogs daily, working awesome for me. But to reach this space I had to surrender and release some blogs and activities no longer resonant with me.


    1. Hey Ryan! Wow! Kudos, bro! I knew you’d be up on this!

      As busy as you are with writing, blogging, and traveling paradise, I don’t know how you keep up anyway. Do you find just commenting on blogs that comment on yours is beneficial? Do you ever reach out to new blogs?


  8. Hi Bren,

    I will call this article a mini tutorial or a mini guide on how to clean your RSS reader. Although I haven’t thought of it, your article makes it a must for every blogger to check and clean things up, for a more healthier readership.

    I will have to leverage Bloglovin.

    Thanks for sharing Bren this insightful article Bren.

    1. Hi Moss,

      I like the idea of a mini tutorial. 🙂 Thank you! Don’t feel bad if you haven’t thought of it. Many haven’t. I just happen to use more than one reader and when double checking both have all my feeds is when I decide to clean out the junk or old stuff.

      Bloglovin is a blessing for keeping up with my favs!

      Great to see you, Moss!


    1. Oh my gosh, Emily. Never? Better take a peek at it in the near future. You may be surprised how many you followed blew up in smoke. 🙂

      Oh Squarespace……. yes, I’m working on it, my friend.

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