Can Adding a Personal Touch Make Our Business More Appealing?

I’ve been seeing it on many business type websites lately. Web Designers, Freelancers, and other niche driven Entrepreneurs are mixing business with pleasure on their websites! Which brings me to my article today……

Can Adding a Personal Touch Make Our Business More Appealing?

We see it daily from those like Ryan Biddulph of Blogging in Paradise, Lisa Sicard of Inspire to Thrive, Lorraine Reguly of Wording Well, and  Kita Bryant of It’s Really Kita.

I admire the way these folks write. They are business-like in so many ways, in order to promote their business, but add in a personal side that touches my inner soul.

I often wonder if this is now becoming a better way of marketing yourself and your brand.

Do we need to become more human-like versus automated SEO bot-like trolls in order to connect with our audience?

I appreciate someone who is REAL

And by REAL, I mean someone who is not afraid to let us know their real self.

So many entrepreneurs and freelancers are trying to make a living online.

We have become accustomed to following Google Rules of thumb and SEO guidelines.

Some so much that their content, although maybe informative, is so boring I can’t get through the first paragraph.

It’s so robot-like that you couldn’t even imagine purchasing their product or service.

Yet, you have those like Ryan and Lorraine who share it all!

They are influencers in the industry and they bear their souls to us!

Does this make them a better business-person?

By sharing their personal lives with us, does this make their product and services more appealing?

I fell into the “write” according to the guidelines rut

To be quite frank, I don’t get SEO. I’m tired of trying to write it the way I’m “supposed” to.

It takes too much effort and takes away from “Me”.

If we can be “business-like” professional yet write the way we want to, why not?

If our intention is to help others, why can’t we bear our innermost secrets to do so?

It’s not like “click-bait”.

We are being REAL!

A real person, not someone who is automated like an AI bot.

If someone like Kita can share stories of her family yet be killing it as a work-at-home entrepreneur, why can’t we all?

I should practice what I preach

I’m the first one who is there to tell someone “Be Yourself”.

Don’t spit shine yourself and project to be someone you’re not.

Eventually, the real you is going to come out and you have become a poser. A fake. A phony.

I need to be more myself in my content writing.

I struggle to mix the personal with the business and that creates blog-fog.

I have great ideas of things to share with my clients and audience, yet, I don’t want to write it as I should.

I want to write how I want to write.

If I don’t add keywords for SEO, so be it.

I’ll just share the hell out of my content and pray others will help me, as I help them.

If I don’t want to have headlines that are over a 75, according to my Headline Analyzer, then so be it!

Pinit Can Adding a Personal Touch Make Our Business More Appealing

If I want to walk to my own beat and try new services and keep them to myself, I will!

However, if it’s a great service, like my beloved web host, I want YOU to know about it so YOU can share in the happiness!

I’m taking my own advice

Not sure if you noticed but I started writing out of queue.

My emotions have gotten the best of me and I am shining!

I’m smiling as I type this because it feels freeing.

Almost as freeing as when I received my divorce decree. 😉

No more posing for me.

No more writing according to what the standard tells me to do.

I am my own woman and I want you to know me.

The REAL me.

The Virtual me.

All of me.

By the way, did you know I dabble in all things virtual?

Services and products are made for our audience

Our businesses are evolving on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

The need for unusual virtual services is increasing, although the virtual assistants are growing in leaps and bounds!

Everyone wants a part of the pot of gold!

So, as I move forward with my virtual business, my services will be changing.

I’m not sure where they are headed but I’m going to say just this…….

If you need something.

If you need help with your online world.

Ask me.

There’s no harm in asking.

Hell, I may even know someone who can help you.

Try it out

Be YOU and see if your business blooms.

Do you have anything to lose?

If you have an established business, try something new for a short period.

Your audience will either be drawn to it or pushed away.

Your loyal clients and readers will remain because they will know that you were trying something new.

They may even give you huge props for attempting to bear yourself online.

What do you have to lose?

Are you ready to try adding a personal touch to your business and see what happens?

Or if you’ve already tried it, how did it work out for you?


8 thoughts on “Can Adding a Personal Touch Make Our Business More Appealing?

  1. Hey Bren,

    It great to be reading your post again. It’s always the best efforts you have put into your content, that’s why it will help many out there looking to learn.

    By the way, Thanks for the great read Bren.

    ~ Donna

  2. Hi Bren,

    This is a great one, and I would resoundingly say Yes, personal touch add and make out business more appealing. Ryan Biddulph is a typical example of a successful businessman with a personal touch all over his business. From his intro, body of content and conclusion, you can see a feel his personal touch in his articles.

    And that has set him apart from the others. So the idea is to add some personal touch in your business, it will help you connect and relate to others. That’s success.

    Thanks Bren.

  3. Hi Bren, thanks for the shout out 🙂 I do believe getting personal helps. They say people love to do business with people they LIKE. How can they like you if they don’t get to know you, right?

    I find it really helps because people realize you are just human like them. They can relate.

    Everyone new experience in your life makes you more relatable. I bet many divorced woman are now more relatable to you than ever before, right?

    It’s funny how some people can’t relate to things unless they have experienced it themselves.

    Great topic Bren, have a wonderful Wednedsay, we are half way there!

    1. Hey Lisa,

      I think you’re right, my friend, and I’m really going to open myself up on my business blog, this one, and see what happens. I adore the way Ryan mixes his personal with business and obviously it works for him and many others that I have been observing.

      I’m happy to see you get back into the swing of things and hopefully, the home life is getting to some kind of norm. You’re always in my thoughts.

      Yes, halfway there and prayer for me 80-degree temps! Thanks for sharing with us, Lisa!


  4. Hey B!

    I agree adding a personal touch can make our business more appealing. When we share a personal side of ourself – especially the struggles of launching a business – it makes it easy for people to connect with us because they can relate.

    I think people stress about SEO too much including me. If I didn’t see those green lights I’d edit until I did. So much time wasted. Then I let that go and started writing without thinking of SEO and I get more green lights. And even if I don’t, as long as the content I write helps someone, that is what really matters. 🙂

    Great post Bren! Have a great day. 🙂


    1. Hey Cori!

      SEO just drives me absolutely bonkers! Do you remember back in the day when we didn’t even know what SEO was? Holy cow we’ve come a long way!

      But to see how many more business-like freelancers and entrepreneurs are adding a splash of their personalities, their lives to their business sites just amazes me. Why can’t we all do it? I think we can and I don’t see anything wrong with it. Just one more of those things I’ll be pushing myself to do.

      Hope all is going well on your end! Happy Tuesday girly!


  5. It’ll come to you more and more Bren. Thanks much for the shout out too buddy.

    Being personal in posts, adding that touch, takes time. We are not used to being vulnerable on our blogs. I felt like a fraud when I began talking about me, and failures. But then I felt weird boasting of wins. And then I felt even more off relating my travel stories to blogging. In the end though, fear’s a freaking liar and when we call it out, and move forward, that personal touch naturally flows to and through our blogs.

    Much appreciated again, and have a great week!


    1. Thanks, Ryan! You know I love including you in my content when I can. You are my Super Hero! 😉

      I love how you add your personality, your life, to your content. It makes me feel like I know you and happy to spread your word. I have been so cautious of not doing that with my business because it was something that was unheard of. Don’t mix business with pleasure. Yet, I see it can work!

      I need to push myself more to be more me than the business-suit that I think I should be. Hell, at my full-time job I wear jeans and workboots every day. Why should this biz be any different?

      As always, I appreciate you taking the time to comment, share, and give shout outs. You rock, my friend!


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