Do You Want to be Globally Recognized Across the Web?

When you have an online presence, especially for Bloggers, it’s great to be able to recognize the Face with the Name. Gravatar can help us do just that!

Gravatar is an image that follows you from site to site appearing beside your name when you do things like comment or post on a blog.

do you want to be globally recognized

Gravatar is a FREE service that is very beneficial to bloggers. Did you know there are applications on the web that prevent a person from commenting on a blog IF they don’t have a Gravatar? It’s true! Why would someone want to block you from not having a Gravatar though? Simply put, SECURITY! Protecting our blogs from malicious spammers is of the utmost importance and many bloggers will do whatever it takes to ensure the safety of their sites!

How do I get one?

It’s fairly easy!

1.  Sign up for a account. THIS IS MANDATORY!

2.  Go to the Gravatar Homepage and Sign In.

3.  Once in Sign In, you will be asked to Sign Into Gravatar using your recently created account.

4.  After you Sign Into Gravatar with your account, you will receive a Welcome confirmation!

5.  Click Activate Account and you will receive one more confirmation! Now you’re all set!

6. Now Sign Into Gravatar and upload an image of yourself, customize your profile, and you’re ready to go!

How do I upload a picture?

Gravatar Upload an Image

There are many ways to upload an image of yourself.

  1. From your computer’s hard drive
  2. An image on the Internet
  3. A previously uploaded image if this isn’t your first time at Gravatar

Then what?

  1. Upload your image
  2. Crop it
  3. Choose a Rating (G, PG, R, and X)

Create your profile

Next, we want to add information to your Gravatar account. This is the information that people will see when they click on your Gravatar. Note: There is an option to set your Profile to private if you’d like.

Gravatar Update Your Profile

Your Gravatar Profile will include whatever you choose to share with the public. CAUTION: Be very selective in what you share on your profile as this is a representation of yourself.

  • Name
  • Bio
  • Website
  • Verified Services
  • Other Social Media accounts that you can connect

Your Gravatar Profile may also appear on a hovercard (a mini-profile that appears when one hovers over your Gravatar).

Can I use more than one Email?

globally recognized

Absolutely! That’s the beauty of Gravatar! If you’re a multi-blogger, like me, you can represent yourself in many different ways on the Internet! You can add multiple emails and images to a single Gravatar account! Isn’t that awesome? It sure comes in handy for me!

Why is it good to use a Gravatar?

Your Gravatar represents YOU across the web. You can Sign Into any site with your email address and if they have Gravatar enabled, your profile image and bio are automatically there! No more uploading additional pictures or bio information, it’s simply right at your fingertips by entering your email address that is associated with your Gravatar account.

What are you waiting for?

It takes less than ten (10) minutes to set up your Gravatar account and start representing yourself Globally across the web! Don’t delay and Sign Up today!

Do you have anything you’d like to add?

5 thoughts on “Do You Want to be Globally Recognized Across the Web?

  1. Hi Bren,

    Having a Gravatar is the best way to be recognized around the globe. But ironically, many marketers, especially bloggers who are always on the internet do not have a face that follows them around on world wide web. Just a few days ago, if you noticed, someone asked me a similar question. Her question was, ” Is it necessary to have your personal image on our profile or to have a cartoon representation, a Gif, or something outside your photo?
    I guess you know my answer already. People love to connect with fellow humans much a brand or a representation or you. Thank you for bringing this topic up, Bren.

    1. Hi Moss. When I first started out, I used character images, not realizing I needed to not only brand my business but my face. Til this day, it surprises me how many pro bloggers are out there and don’t have a gravatar. Maybe they don’t feel the necessity of it? However, many people like myself and Lisa Sicard and not allowing comments if a gravatar isn’t there. I personally think it’s a good way to weed out some of the spam and non-serious blogging professionals. I’m sure I know your answer to that question. Great minds think alike! Sorry for my delayed reply. For some reason, I didn’t receive notification. 😦 Gotta look into it! Have a great day!

      1. Hi Bren,
        It’s ok as long as you took time out of your busy schedule to respond. However, I also do not like approving comments that do not have a face or gravatar. Looking forward to reading more from you.

  2. Bren, it still amazes me how many don’t do this! I just put a few comments this morning into spam for this reason. I hope many read this and take head. Thanks for sharing about it again – it is SO important!

    1. You and me both, Lisa. That’s why I remember this post and decided to reshare it. Unless I know the person, if they don’t have a Gravatar, their comment isn’t getting published. It just has to be that way, right? Besides, it’s sooooo easy to do this! Happy Friday girly and thanks for the comment! 😉

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