Blog Images: Should they be Uniform or more Unique?

I’ve been blogging off and on since 2010 and I still don’t know if it’s better to publish uniform blog images (as in using templates) or publishing unique images. There is no right or wrong here, trust me. It’s all a matter of preference, right?

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Blog Images: Should they be Uniform or more Unique?

This is a long debate that I’ve seen many bloggers worry about.

Do my blog images need to look the same in order to brand?

Do I just need to add my logo to my blog images?

Does it even matter?

I polled some of my fav tweeps on  Twitter and here’s what they had to say about it.

These are valid points!

Should we be branding our blog images or just our logos?

The professionals will tell you a multitude of things. The best thing I can suggest is to see what works for you. I’ve seen pro bloggers start with uniform images only to start creating unique ones in their later years.

Bloggers like Lisa Sicard of Inspire to Thrive have gotten very creative with their imaging. Vivid colors, unique images, and a logo!

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These images are stock photos. They are creatively put together with several elements. If you notice anything, is the branded color these of orange and Lisa’s logo on each image.

Janice Wald of Mostly Blogging keeps her images fairly consistent template wise using her website on each image.

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Then you have others like Kita Bryant from It’s Really Kita and Ryan Biddulph of Blogging from Paradise who focuses more on taking their own pictures and video and branding with quality content. Might I add, they are very effective this way.

Here’s a good read on 8 Ways to Build Brand Recognition with Your Images. Take from it what you will.

Blog Image Templates

Here are a few examples of what I call blog image templates. You’ll recognize very similar feature images with an overlay and fonts. The website name is also placed on the image.

When you see these images on social media and their blog, you know who they are! They have branded their images according to style. Many bloggers are using this style for branding, especially with the ease of using Canva to help create templates for each social media app.

What do you think of this style of branding? Is it something you have done or considered?

Lack of Image Branding

I have been all over the place with my images. I don’t even attempt to “brand” them per se. However, I do try to be consistent and at least have either my logo or my website address on the image (as seen below). Yet, I’m constantly changing my templates. Thus, the best way for me to brand is using my logo and/or website address. I prefer using creative images versus the same old-same old thing.

So, which way is correct? I’d love for you to answer that below in the comment section. However, in my personal opinion, there is no right or wrong way. Just like I believe there is no specific number of words that you must write before publishing your blog post. If you get the point across in less than 1,000 words, so be it!

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In Closing

I can definitely see Lisa’s point about consistent images look more professional. However, the creative person in me what’s to see various images with vivid colors, kooky images that pique my curiosity, and fancy fonts. Thanks to Amanda Ricks and her love for variety!

So, the dilemma still continues on should we or shouldn’t we brand our blog images. The “bad girl” in me says “No, do it your way”. That’s how I run my blog and write my content. My way. This is probably one good reason why I’m not a blog coach and I do web design and social media images instead. One is unlike the other! The inconsistency in images excites me because it puts a spark in my creative mind and pushes me to push that much further!

I don’t walk to the beat of SEO either. It bores me. I don’t like following the rules even if it costs me my blog content from making it to page 1 on Google.

Following the rules is bland!

Making your own rules and walking to your own beat, rocks!

However, if you’re a serious entrepreneur, take what I write with a grain of salt. This blog/business is not my bread maker. It is a hobby.

I like to keep new bloggers ground by letting them know if you’re in it for the fun and hobby, it’s alright to do it your way. Don’t feel the pressure to conform.

If your blog is your breadwinner, I suggest you reach out to folks like Lisa Sicard and Donna Merrill for mentoring. Both of these women can offer you valuable tips from your blog to business to social media.

Now, let’s hear from you. What is your opinion on branding blog images? Is there a rule you follow or do you walk to your own beat?

15 thoughts on “Blog Images: Should they be Uniform or more Unique?

  1. I have never given any thought about the images. I usually just go to one of those royalty free image websites like pexels and search for an image.
    I recently read somewhere that someone once got sued for using a copyrighted image. That scared me.
    Thanks for the article.
    Engin Soysal

    1. Hello Engin and welcome! Yes, it is true. One can get sued for using images without permission, that is why we must be very careful. Even with some of the royalty-free image websites, giving attribution is always welcome. However, if it’s not RF, definitely give credit after asking for permission. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

  2. I’m like you Bren – I don’t stick to one style of image nor do I really pay too much attention to SEO. I feel as long as I post on a fairly regular basis and am consistent in blog post quality then I’m satisfied. I used to “go by the rules” but now not so much. (Perhaps I’m getting to be a rebel in my old age! Ha ha!).

    1. I tried to, Linda but it just gets boring for me. And the whole SEO thing? Pfft…. I’ll never be a pro blogger nor do I want to be. I just don’t like playing by the “rules”. Lol Glad to see you here! You should check out my other blog. #midlife 😉

  3. Thanks so much for the mention, Bren. I appreciate it.
    When you asked me about Branded images I was thinking more of the very distinct branded images that you see Lilach Bullock use for example. She uses the same type of graphics image and the same colours every time. It obviously works well for her but personally, I’d go a little nuts doing the same thing all the time.
    Having a small site name or logo on your images is totally cool and professional. I wouldn’t necessarily count those as “Branded” images.
    Thanks again Bren, have a great day. 🙂

    1. Hey Amanda! Yes, I’ve seen images like Lilach’s and I have to agree, they drive me nuts. I’ve done it on my blogs before but I lose interest quickly and create a new template. It just seems so blah to me. I like the idea of a logo or the website addy on our images as that is at least keeping our “name” out there. I personally prefer more unique images that catch my eye. Being a visual person myself, anything that is colorful or funny is a definite eye-catcher! I appreciate you chatting with me on Twitter about this and your comment. You rock, girly!

  4. Hey Brenda,
    I was excited to see my graphics here! Thanks for including my graphics in your post. I’m glad you feel they are good examples to show your readers. Branding is important. We do it with images among other things.
    May I weigh in? Consistent looks professional. Thanks again for the mention.

    1. Great to see you here, Janice. I do agree with consistency, especially for businesses. That is one reason I wanted to share yours. Even with something as simple as a logo or web address, you are still branding. Appreciate you sharing with us. Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!

  5. Hi Bren,

    Having a unique image with a variety of patterns works best. However, no matter how you create your images, you must always maintain consistency with your brand. For example, your images are consistent across channels, which means that one can easily recognize them on all platforms. It help to boost your brand and authority.

    1. Good point, Moss. Whether it be blog images or social media, consistency can certainly help with branding. I’m glad you added that. Thank you for your input and wisdom, my friend.

  6. I think images should be different yet with one common element that brand them as yours. A bit of both should work best.

    1. I like that idea. Nowadays you see such a variety. Some with consistencies and others with no rhyme or reason. I do believe, however, that businesses should focus more on consistency, if even with a simple logo on images. I really appreciate you comment. Thank you.

  7. Thanks Bren. This is such a good post. Different approaches work based on our clarity around using said approaches. I feel good and clear sharing my travel snaps and it works perfect with my brand, so it is a match. But other folks rock with gussying things up.

    1. Hey Ryan. I was thinking about the “niche” part after I published the post. It’s true. Creatives/Designers do well with the gussying part while others can be more “themselves”. Either way , I dont believe there is a right or wrong just do what feels and looks good to you. Appreciate you taking time out from Paradise to comment. 😊

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