If You’re Not Feeling It, It’s Time to Move On

When I started my business, it was to help others. I continued to stay true to what my mission was over the years. However, like with many things, life throws us some hoops to jump through and our plans may change.

I continued to try to stay true to what I was most passionate about, Helping Other Bloggers. I jumped into Web Design and enjoyed it, temporarily. I find now a few years later, that I’m just not as passionate about my business as I once was. It happens to many of us. It can happen to you too.

If You’re Not Feeling It, It’s Time to Move On

This is the crossroads I’ve hit recently.

I am no longer passionate about my business.

I don’t feel bad because I am a woman who is ever evolving.

I’m always looking for ways to help others, whether it’s through helping them with services or indirect advice.

I feel great about my growth.

I’ve come a long way and will never turn back.

Let hope inspire you, but let not idealism blind you. Don’t look back, you can never look back. – Don Henley

We all must grow

We all must grow whether it be in our personal lives or in our businesses.

One who does not grow will become stagnant and eventually rot away. – Bren Pace

13 Transformative Quotes to Inspire Your Personal Growth
courtesy of success.com

I am open to growth, transformation, allowing myself to “flower”.

The older I get, the more I find myself wanting to be more of an Inspiration to others.

Yes, we get satisfaction out of helping others with their businesses by providing products and services beneficial to them.

But is that all we need help with?

Sometimes, all we need is a bit of encouragement or to know that they aren’t alone.

The world can be tough to handle at times and driving that journey alone can be quite a scare.

I’m not a professional

Honestly, the only certified training I’ve had, other than medical schooling back in the day, is in my day-to-day job of being an Administrative Assistant. I’ve taken so many typing and computer classes over the years. Computer software packages change quite frequently that we need to keep up with the ongoing training.

I look at this ongoing training like I do with my two dogs. We can take them to obedience training, however, if you don’t continue that training at home, they may lose it. In order to be successful at what we are doing, we must keep up with learning the new and refreshing our brains on the old. Right? I certainly don’t want a 10-year-old dog that can’t even sit on command. It’s always ongoing in my household.

If we take these experiences that we have in our continuing education and of others in our care, we can share them with others and help them.

Experiences can go a long way!

You don’t need to be a certified coach to help

But it can help to have the accreditation if you plan on making “coaching” your career.

If you stop and think about it, that Social Media Manager or Web Designer you have paid to help you, did you ask to see their credentials? Chances are they may have had some formal training, but not a degree in what they are offering services for. I don’t have a degree in Web Design however sometimes being “self-taught” can be better in my opinion. Having hands-on experience in whatever services you are offering can be better, just be careful. If you are self-taught, state it. Do not claim to be a professional if you are not. The legalities can be sticky. Make sure you have disclosures on your website stating what experience or credentials you do have.

Life changing decisions

Speaking of experiences and helping others is my main purpose for this post.

Not sure how many of you follow along with me on Facebook or Twitter but I officially closed my Web Design business. I am honoring previous clients and their needs and at times, a referral from them. I’ll continue to help others with social media and graphics, however, will not be promoted it at this time. Word of mouth and having friends that are Social Media Influencers and Bloggers can send a lot of work your way!

So what does that mean for Virtual Bren?

She’ll be hanging around for a while but in a different way than before.

Rather than offering services, I’ve decided to share my experiences in blogging and social media.

life, happiness
Life is finding what makes you happy!

It’s important for all to know that you never truly fail unless you give up. We all have ups and downs, including pro bloggers and entrepreneurs like Ryan Biddulph, Donna Merrill, Lisa Sicard, Cori Ramos, and Dana Gore. Some even share their experiences in growing as a business and a person.

Our journey as bloggers can be scary, funny, and nerve-racking. But I’m here to tell all of you, whether you are a newbie to blogging and social media or a veteran, never be scared to tell the world your experiences. This makes us become not only a person on the web but a real living and breathing person!

I want to offer inspiration to bloggers.

When you blow up your website for the first time, know I did it too! Actually, I’ve blown up sites over a dozen times and still live to tell it! But this shows that no matter what you did to feel defeated, there are many more of us out there that did it and survived.

I look forward to sharing blogging experiences here with all of you and helpful hints and tips. As for my previous services offered, they are going to be hidden under a rock until I find my passion again……if I find it.

I look forward to hearing your stories of growth in your business and personal lives. Go ahead! Feel free to share them below! You can also feel free to tell me I am clueless and don’t know what I’m talking about. 😉

4 thoughts on “If You’re Not Feeling It, It’s Time to Move On

  1. Hi Bren, I agree with Dana on your talent! You are very talented and professional. But I do hear you that you must do what you love. I tried playing with a YouTube video today but got too frustrated after 2 hours! Yikes. I had a great info video made for it but could not figure out how or where to add it. So I’m moving on to the the rest of the my tasks for the day. Working on a post and lost my creativity late in the day. I’ll finish in the a.m.
    We have to know when to stop, change, go back and move forward. You will surely find it Bren and I’m so glad you are still blogging! Have a great evening!

  2. Hey B.

    This is an inspiring post! Thank you for the shout out. I will be one of the first to raise my hand to show how our journey can take us in a different direction with some bumps along the way. Lord knows I’ve had my share, lol.

    I hate to see VB go – I totally agree with Dana – your work is amazing – but I also admire your for rolling with the changes instead of being in a place you’re no longer passionate about.

    I wish you all the best in your new journey and I will be along for the ride gf!

    Love yah!


  3. Hey Bren,

    Thanks for the shoutout 🙂
    As you know, I think you’re just so talented. Every website you touch becomes beautiful, every image pops. Whatever you get your hands on shines…so whether it’s for business or play, I wanted you to know I see it that way.

    Regardless of which direction you move in, I’m just so glad I met you.

    1. You’re so kind, my friend. I honestly lost the passion for it though. With all the changes in my life over the past year, I’m actually enjoying life more (believe it or not). I think with the new found love of peace in my home, my beautiful furry kids keeping me active, being an advocate for pit bulls, and moving into midlife – my priorities all changed. I do feel that there is a lot that one can learn from experiences in life so why not in blogging? I so admire the direction you took your business and you’ll always be an inspiration to me. I’m glad we become such good friends and by the way, we are long overdue for a chatting session! LOL Love ya girl! xox

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