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As a new blogger, you may not understand that there is some backend maintenance on your blog/website. It’s crucial when WordPress issues an update, that it is indeed updated as soon as possible. Most of the updates include security protocol and fixes to errors. Your site will also need updates to plugin’s, themes, or Genesis Framework. Rarely, but it has happened, there is a glitch. This can take your blog down for some time.

Being the nature of the maintenance and upkeep of a website, many Designers/Virtual Assistants are offering Blog Management as a service. This allows you to keep writing and publishing content, while we manage the rest for you.

The package includes:

  • Maintain a full backup of the Website. (The most recent backup will be
    delivered in full to the Client on termination of the Contract.)
  • Moderate/Remove Spam from Comments.
  • Maintain and Update installed plugins. When plugins are no longer supported,
    I will notify the Client and recommend a replacement.
  • Maintain the WordPress installation and Update as new versions become available.
  • Maintain the Genesis Framework Installation and Update as new versions
    become available.
  • Packages can be customized depending on your needs.
  • This package is only valid with signed Contract. Minimum of 3-months.
  • Any glitches that may happen caused by the Client will not be
    covered under this package. Please consult me for my hourly rates.

Rates start at:  $50.00 per Month